Man pressure washing driveway


Commercial and Residential Pressure washing for Mississippi and Beyond

The experts at Clean Machines LLC pressure washing tackle tough commercial and residential cleaning jobs along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Beyond.

Our clients have two choices; they can either rent a pressure washer or cleaning equipment and struggle through the process on their own, or hire Clean Machines LLC and let us handle the project for them. Our team is reliable and professional, which allows us to make quick work of all your exterior cleaning needs!

Contact us today to learn more about our services. We're also happy to give you a free quote to help you plan your upcoming cleaning needs more efficiently.


We Specialize in the Removal of:

  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Dirt
  • Staining
  • Rust (Metal Roof/Fence)
  • Faded Areas (Oxidation)

We also focus on the restoration of your roof look and condition. 

We Provide COVID-19 Disinfection Services.

We Utilize the Best EPA  Approved Disinfectants Against the COVID-19/SAR-COV-2 Virus

Recent Clean Machines LLC Projects


Equipment Cleaning

We pressure washed this heavy equipment in Ocean Springs, MS.


Commercial Cleaning

We pressure washed this commercial location in Spanish Fort, AL.


House Cleaning

We pressure washed this house in Ocean Springs, MS.


Gutter Cleaning

We provided gutter cleaning services for this house in Ocean Springs, MS.

Clean Machines LLC offers complete residential and commercial cleaning services

Living in the South is a magnificent experience but with it comes a lot of harsh climate exposure to your property. Clean Machines LLC are experts at cleaning and preserving your property from the harsh realities of living in the South. We offer cleaning services of all types including carpet, gutters, driveway, roof and more. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Pressure washing utilizes unheated water and high pressure to clean hard surfaces such as brick and concrete of built up grime and dirt. The experts at Clean Machines LLC have the experience to clean your residential or commercial property with skill and efficiency.

Soft washing is a service we provide for your more delicate cleaning needs. Using less pressure, we are able to clean surfaces that would otherwise be damaged by pressure washing.

Aside from having to repair a roof after hurricane damage, most people don't think much about roof maintenance. One of the best ways to help increase the longevity of your roof is with an effective annual cleaning. Let the experts at Clean Machines LLC help with your roof cleaning needs.

Out of site, out of mind. That's typical with gutters. However, if you were to climb up a ladder and look in your gutters, what you'd find would horrify you. If left uncleaned, your gutters collect debris such as dirt, sticks and leaves that become a breeding ground for insects and pests. Let the experts at Clean Machines LLC come rid your gutters of debris and dirt.

Driveways are notoriously adept at becoming filthy without thier owners even noticing. The materials used to build driveways are porous and therfore extremely susceptible to retaining dirt and mold. Our customers are always amazed at the extreme difference in the color of their driveway after being properly cleaned.